Nora Baladerian, Ph.D

Nora J. Baladerian, Ph.D. | Psychologist

My belief is that at heart each wants to lead a meaningful life. We want to enjoy certain achievements, milestones, and enjoy our loved ones. We also need to feel loved, needed and appreciated. Our work, social and family life reflect our spiritual and philosophical beliefs...and when they don't, we feel in conflict with ourselves, and seek assistance to get into a place of feeling good. I'll work with you to support you in improving your life, with a beginning focus on those factors that are critical now. We'll work together for your well being.
My strength is in listening. Really gaining an understanding, to find strengths, identify dissatisfaction, traumas, conflicts or other problem they are dealing with. We work together to find alternatives that work. I want people to feel better each time they leave a session, to be closer to feeling really good.
I use a mix of conventional and traditional healing methods including Thought Field Therapy (TFT), communication skills building, re-framing, & psychodynamic therapy. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy. I work with individuals from many backgrounds (SES, ethnic/racial, disability, sexual orientation, language) my approach is to honor each person's history and goals.
  • Director, Counseling Center of West Los Angeles
  • Project Director, Child/Adult Abuse & Neglect Disability Outreach Project/ CAN DO! project under Arc Riverside (to 2003)
  • Director, Disability Without Abuse Project (since 1991)


  • TITLE:

    • Clinical Psychologist 


    • Ph.D., Psychology, 1985 - Sierra University, Santa Monica, CA
    • M.A., Educational Psychology, 1979, CSUN
    • B.S., Sociology, 1967, CSUN


    • Clinical Psychologist, Lic. PSY 11675 (issued 8/88)
    • Marriage, Child, Family Counselor, Lic. ML19380 (issued 8/84)


    • Sex Therapist, ABS* 1989-present | American Board of Sexologists 
    • Clinical Hypnotherapy, AIH,** 1990 | American Institute of Hypnotherapy
    • Academy of Traumatology:  Field Traumatologist  #5241 (4/06)
    • Academy of Traumatology: Compassion Fatigue Educator #15114 (4/06)


    • Fluency in Spanish


    • Trauma or abuse related issues (by history or current) (Victim Assistance)
    • Depression and anxiety
    • Children and adults with disabilities
      (Vendor to regional centers serving individuals with developmental disabilities)
    • Couple counseling, family and adult counseling; Gerontology
    • Expert witness consultation regarding abuse and individuals with disabilities.
    • Media work and consultation (TV, radio, film; casting; script & character consultation)
    • Technical writing: Guidebooks, journal articles, commissioned articles (professional & popular)